Started as an acoustic folk trio in St. Petersburg, The Dartz eventually transformed into folk-rock band with drums, electric guitars and synthesizers. The band is notable for their impact on so called celtomania movement on Russian scene in early 2000, and later for conceptual albums "Byvaet Inogda" (2007) and "Proxima Parada" (2009), still considered to be band's masterpieces. Both were credited as the best Russian albums of 2007 and 2009 in Russian Top held by NEWSMusic. The band performed Proxima Parada in theaters along with theatrical troupe, and later in 2012 re-released the album with more bonus tracks. Nowadays the sound of The Dartz is light and contemporary, complemented by musical traditions of Europe and Russia. Every live performances of Dartz feature circles of dancing people, lighting sparklers and singing songs all together.

The Dartz are:
Dmitry Dee Kourtsman voakl, guitar, keyboards
Dmitry Ignatov bass
Igor Burmistrov accordion, keyboards, fiddle
Alexander Popov drums